About Us

The MansaWear Story

MansaWear owner and fashion designer Nita Brown was born in Ghana. As the daughter of a diplomat, she left for her first overseas trip at the age of seven, traveling to the Czech Republic. Nita completed her secondary schooling in Ghana, received a B.A. in History from Columbia University and an M.B.A. in International Management from Georgetown University.

MansaWear originated out of her passion for fashion, creativity and of growing up surrounded by gorgeous Ghanaian fabrics, which were transformed into exquisite, timeless pieces for her mother. The exclusivity of the clothing line is derived from creatively arranging the designs in each fabric for the unique look and providing styling consultations, helping customers learn to style with bold patterns and vibrant colored fabrics, making it possible to create endless mash-ups and outfits to suit every occasion.


What our client says about us

I’ve bought two things at MansaWear–a bicycle skirt which I bought off the rack, and a dress which I had custom made for me. Both garments are absolutely beautiful! I get compliments whenever I wear the bicycle skirt, and the dress fits me beautifully and is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t recommend MansaWear enough!

Jennifer H.

Jennifer H.Rochester, NY

I absolutely love my dress from MansaWear! Not only is it stylish and one of a kind, but it also fits me perfectly! I have scoliosis and am quite petite so shopping for clothes is usually pretty stressful. Working with Nita was fun and completely stress-free. I cannot wait to wear my dress!

Kelly I.

Kelly I.Rochester, NY

Who makes MansaWear

MansaWear partners with the premier fabric manufacturer in West Africa to produce high quality outfits made from 300 – 600 count cotton. The company works with two dedicated and extremely qualified clothing manufacturers in Ghana with the capability to produce standard US clothing size according to a buyer’s specification. With 80 combined years of tailoring and dress making experience, the firm’s production team can produce up to 7,500 pieces a month.

The time frame from order to delivery is 28-30 business days. In addition to the two manufacturers, MansaWear also employs an experienced group of seamstresses/tailors who are highly trained in the intricate method of free-cutting and pattern making! This fine art of garment making is acquired through apprenticeships, ensuring workers have the skills to consistently produce exquisite, high-quality clothing. Allow Nita to show you her signature pieces spearheaded by these talented artisans, and experience the #mansawear #mashups.

Mansa means “of three”, a derivative of the number three or “miensa” in Akan. It is a birth order name, given to the third consecutive girl born to the same woman. “Miensa” is Akan or Ashanti Twi, one of the predominant languages in Ghana.