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Woman’s History Month–Paying Homage to Mom

To celebrate Women’s History Month, I’m paying homage to my mother, whose gorgeous outfits and sophisticated styles imbue and infuse the design platform of MansaWear.  Here’s to my mother, Comfort, and grandmother, Nana Mansa, MansaWear’s namesake. I not only learned my sense of style from them, but also owe common sense attitude and business acumen …

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Ghanaian Emojis–Kente Cloth & Adinkra Symbols

Please join me at this free, fun and interactive “talking fabrics” presentation on Wednesday at the downtown public library! Rochester’s Central Library is celebrating Black History Month by exploring Kente cloth and Adinkra symbols, two Ghanaian fabrics that function as a language. As Egyptians used hieroglyphics and Millennials use emojis to communicate, Ghanaians use textile weaves and fabric …

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Celebration Series — It’s Jacqueline!

We honor and acknowledge our ardent fans each month by celebrating how they beautifully wear and style their MansaWear pieces.  And this month, we celebrate Jacqueline Tyson, an ardent MansaWear lover! We are flying our red balloons high all month long. Thank you for beautifully demonstrating the #mansawearstyle, #mashup, #fashionista. We can’t wait to see you.  …

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