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Celebration Series — It’s Jacqueline!

We honor and acknowledge our ardent fans each month by celebrating how they beautifully wear and style their MansaWear pieces.  And this month, we celebrate Jacqueline Tyson, an ardent MansaWear lover! We are flying our red balloons high all month long. Thank you for beautifully demonstrating the #mansawearstyle, #mashup, #fashionista. We can’t wait to see you.  #rochesterny #ghanafabrics #woodinfabricsghana #currentmood

  • Jacqueline-Rolled-Neck-Jack
  • Toma-Multi-colored-Bead-Earrings1
  • Toma-Multi-colored-Bead-Earrings
  • Akua Sundress
    Akua Sundress 4
  • Crossbody Button Purse
    Crossbody Button Purse 1
  • jtyson_urbanshiftdress-1
  • Democrat-chronicle-news-online
  • jtyson_urbanshiftdress-2
  • Jacqueline classic sheath
  • Jacqueline classic sheath1

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