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Ghanaian Emojis–Kente Cloth & Adinkra Symbols

Please join me at this free, fun and interactive “talking fabrics” presentation on Wednesday at the downtown public library! Rochester’s Central Library is celebrating Black History Month by exploring Kente cloth and Adinkra symbols, two Ghanaian fabrics that function as a language. As Egyptians used hieroglyphics and Millennials use emojis to communicate, Ghanaians use textile weaves and fabric …

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An Artist Affair… It’s Yours to create. Your style. Your fashion statement.

An April 28, 2017, MansaWear was one of the 8 artists invited by the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) of Rochester to present their artwork during its annual gala … An Artist Affair. Each artist displayed their work on large banquet-style tables and provided diners an option to bid on the original artwork displayed.  MansaWear featured table …

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Two boutiques join the local scene

Mary Chao, ROC 12:11 a.m. EST December 16, 2013
When it comes to shopping this holiday season, there are several new options.
Both the Eastview and Greece Ridge malls have expanded. But Rochester also has added some locally owned shops to the mix. For example, Ginger Northrop, who used to work for Ralph Lauren, opened Ruffles Boutique at 1464 Monroe Ave. in Brighton. Not surprisingly, the style is more preppy and traditional.

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