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City Chic Dress

I’ve bought two things at MansaWear–a bicycle skirt which I bought off the rack, and a dress which I had custom made for me. Both garments are absolutely beautiful! I get compliments whenever I wear the bicycle skirt, and the dress fits me beautifully and is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t recommend MansaWear enough!

Jennifer H.

Rochester, NY

V-neckline Wrap Dress

I absolutely love my dress from MansaWear! Not only is it stylish and one of a kind, but it also fits me perfectly! I have scoliosis and am quite petite so shopping for clothes is usually pretty stressful. Working with Nita was fun and completely stress-free. I cannot wait to wear my dress!

Kelly I.

Rochester, NY

Bogolan Spring Jacket

Thank you Nita for taking time to show us the beautiful Kente cloths when we were shopping for a graduation stole. We especially appreciate your attentiveness and enthusiasm in explaining the process and meaning behind the designs as we made this important purchase. The shop is so beautiful and welcoming too!

Rochelle F.

Greece, NY

Tote Bag

One of my new favorite stores in Rochester! The store owner Nita is a lovely person, and the other worker Gloria is also very friendly! The clothing fabrics come from Ghana, and are tailored to your measurements. There are also beautiful shoes, bags, and jewelry made in store or by local artists. I recently purchased a gorgeous skirt which had bold green and pink hues. Nita altered the skirt to my size and gave me a free tote bag with some cloth from Ghana! I will most definitely return!

Julie G.

Rochester, NY

Bicycle Skirt

Beautiful, interesting, great craftsmanship! Interesting designs! Can’t wait to own something else!!!!!

Susan K.

Rochester, NY

Dell Collection, Oxford Shirt

Mansawear has wonderful items, so appealing. My husband and I like the products, left with him getting a shirt off the rack and ordering 2 dresses for me!

Shirley M.

Rochester, NY

Holly Pink Green Gown

“Nita Brown is GREAT!!!!!! Prices were great Quality of materials Awesome.”

Stephanie P.

Rochester, NY

Adrienne Hi-Low Dress

Excellent and friendly customer service.

Pat J.

Rochester, NY

Kente Scarf

Thank you Nita for taking time to show us the beautiful Kente cloths when we were shopping for a graduation stole. We especially appreciate your attentiveness and enthusiasm in explaining the process and meaning behind the designs as we made this important purchase. The shop is so beautiful and welcoming too!

Tiana S.

Rochester, NY

Adrienne High Low Dress

Nita, the dress fits perfectly!! It’s fabulous. Can’t wait to wear it tonight. Thank you to Nita Brown at MansaWear in Rochester for designing my gorgeous dress.

Ann B.

Pittsford, NY

Aria Pleated Dress

My husband was awestruck! “I’ve never seen a dress fit you like this!” he said. He loves the fabric too!…I want to wear it EVERY day.

Aria C-L.

Rochester, NY

City Chic Jacket

Here am I and I’m loving it!

Eileen S.

Rochester, NY

City Chic Jacket

Nice pic – and I just love that MansaWear jacket on you Debora!

Sally R.

Rochester, NY

Bicycle Skirt

When you #shoplocal, sometimes you just happen to run into the designer and creator of the skirt you’re wearing at your son’s school. (P.S. Nita Brown’s clothes are gorgeous, unique, and comfortable. Check out MansaWear, Custom-made Clothing & Accessories on Park Ave!)

Jennifer H.

Pittsford, NY

Asymmetric Tunic

I tried on the Asymmetric Tunic and looked in the mirror – it matched my glasses perfectly. I didn’t even notice when it was on the rack!! Someday I hope to have a custom suit made. All her designs are beautiful.

Kristine F.

Rochester, NY

Angelina Dress

Ready for another party! LOVE this dress!!

Oana D.

Pittsford, NY

Modern Wave Smock Skirt

I had such an amazing experience working with Nita, the owner of MansaWear. She worked hard to ensure the fit of my bicycle skirt was absolutely perfect. I feel so special wearing the skirt. I can’t wait to order more unique items for my closet! Do your wardrobe a favor and invest in a piece from Mansa Wear. Thanks Nita!

Amy S.

Rochester, NY

Pleated Bicycle Skirt

I love it. Beautiful, unique clothing that can be customized or purchased off the rack.

Christine S.

Rochester, NY

Lowan U-Shaped Dress

The dress made for me was everything I wanted. I received several compliments. The service was excellent and speedy.

Lowan B.

Rochester, NY

Angelina Shift Dress

I needed a dress in over two weeks for graduation and they were able to get it done and it was created at a very high standard. I have received many comments on the quality and style of the dress. As a bigger woman, it was nice to have someone there who wanted to make the experience calming and professional. I will be getting other dresses done there very soon.

Catherine K.

Rochester, NY

Square-Neckline Smock Dress

Ms. Lydia wearing your dress and bracelet! Thank you!

Jamie B.

Webster, NY

MansaWear Lattice Scarf

An absolutely beautiful boutique! I saw a lattice work cape at MansaWear and I asked Nita (the designer & owner) if she could make something similar in a scarf/shawl. We talked about dimensions and what I’d like the scarf to look like- and I am blown away by the finished result. The colorful fabrics and unique designs make all of MansaWear’s clothing feel special and I get a sense of joy when wearing this scarf. How can you not be excited to own a piece of beautiful artwork that you can wear? I went back to buy my daughter a purse (her second MansaWear purse!) and as always, Nita was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. As an artist myself, it means a lot to me to be able to talk about the design process and the origin of the gorgeous fabrics that are used to make the clothes and purses. I definitely recommend this shop to everyone!

David H.

Rochester, NY

MansaWear Lattice Cape

Hi Nita, Happy Holidays! I love my cape!

Nancy C.

Webster, NY

Abuk Structured Jacket

Wearing my gorgeous MansaWear coat designed by Nita Brown tonight at the Strong Museum gala.

Ann B.

Pittsford, NY

Bicycle Skirt With Flat Front and Pink Pencil Fabric

Hi Nita! Got SO many compliments on YOUR skirt. I love it!

Nancy H.

Rochester, NY

Wooden/Shell Tiered Necklace

Hi Nita, as discussed, a photo is attached from the set of WXXI’s “Arts In Focus.” I wore a MansaWear necklace for this episode which aired on Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24. I’ll be coming back for more goodies, soon! Thanks! Best regards,

Sasha S.

Rochester, NY

Men’s Long Sleeve Tunic

Thanks Nita. The shirt fit our friend and he loved it. He wore it on the plane when he left today for New Zealand. Thanks a million

Andre C.

Fairport, NY

Accra Wave Blouse

The outfit looked beautiful on Vega and she loves it. I was hoping Vega and her mother would stop by the store Sunday afternoon but I guess they did not make it? Thank you again for reordering the skirt. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism. We are big fans of MansaWear!

Erin C.

Brighton, NY

Fabric Clutch

Hi Nita, Thanks for giving my new clutch to Steve this am – I can just picture him running down Park Ave. in the bitter cold with his MansaWear shopping bag! Thank you too for the Shea Butter – I love it – it smells delicious and my skin is in desperate need. The clutch came out great – I love the mint green trim on it!

Meg H.

Rochester, NY

Beaded Clutch

Black and white beaded clutch by MansaWear is elegant and fun. These basic colors can be “worked” with most outfits, it’s roomy enough to fit all your necessary “must haves”. I’m having lots of fun with it.

Georgia A.

New York, NY

Tri-Fabric Tiered Skirt

Everything is lovely and fits. Thanks.

Rochelle M.

Palmyra, NY

Coral Chic Blouse

Nita, FYI = check sent yesterday for 2nd invoice. Everything is lovely and fits. Thanks.

Rochelle M.

Palmyra, NY

Nydia Sheath

I wore my Nydia Sheath to a summer party in NYC and got tons of compliments. One of my cousins asked for the web link.

Eileen S.

Rochester, NY

Tri-Fabric Tiered Skirt

I had a wonderful experience in this gorgeous store. Lots to look at and enjoy. I purchased two items and I am so excited to wear and show them off. I intend to go back very soon. Nita was knowledgeable, polite and so much fun. A must when in the Park Ave area of Rochester.

Phillippa T.

Rochester, NY

All kinds of options presented. very informative with respect to the fabrics, designs. great experience.

Helle T.

Toronto, Canada

Amazing Customer Service!

Samantha O.

City Chic Dress

Dear Nita, Here I am at home after being out for a good portion of the day in my new threads. The comments were; “ooo, that’s nice where did you get that?….” “I like that outfit, were there more?” Of course I responded with “its MansaWear, designed especially for me! You’re welcomed to check it out for yourself. I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.”

Wendy J.

Rochester, NY

Alfie Wallet

This place is absolutely lovely. There are a variation of skirts, blouses, purses, jewelry which are all Ghanaian-influenced and intertwined with American fashion styles. The lady that owns this place goes by the name of Nita Brown and she is a very polite, professional and awesome lady. She will make you feel welcome and is very helpful with her clients. She wants to make sure that you have the items that are to your liking and caters to your needs. I would rate this place 100 stars if I could!

Prinay B.

Missisauga, ON Canada

Fascination Flounce Skirt

I really like my skirt. I know I will wear it a lot and will have such fun making outfits with it.

Kathy P.

Rochester, NY

I LOVE MansaWear!

Debra F.

Rochester NY

Handkerchief Dress

Michelle T.

Rochester, NY

Bicycle Smock Skirt

Maisha was so welcoming and friendly! Very fun bicycle skirts!


Square Customer

Designs are wonderful

Joan P.

Razzle Dazzle

I love the style…

Anonymous Feedback

Cheo-Ana Jacket

I wore the jacket yesterday to city hall and I got so many compliments… and I told everyone where your store is…

Elaine S.

Rochester, NY

I have purchased a few things from MansaWear. My latest purchase was a red jacket. It is simply beautiful. The items are unique and very versatile. Nita has done a wonderful job with her business. Stop by her shop on 367 Park Ave.

Jacqueline T.

Rochester, NY

ValRus Skirt Ensemble

Wow! the dress is fantastic. It fits perfectly. Attached are some shots of me in the dress. Of course I jumped in the dress as soon as I got home.

Glenda F.

Burlington, NJ

Modern Wave Tunic

Nita, BTW I wore the tunic on Sat night (8/23/2015) to Char Steak & Lounge. Had 3 people stop me to comment on it.

Theresa M.

Rochester, NY

Timeless Sheath

Virginia D.

Rochester, NY

Alfie Button Necklace

I’ve purchase a couple of things from MansaWear and couldn’t have been happier – I’ve received tons of compliments. Strongly recommend MansaWear if you’re looking for something unique and beautiful!

Ana R.

Chili, Costa Rica

Square Neck Maxi

My sister, btw, Loves her dress! Thank you so much for doing such a good job with it.

Marilyn T.

Sarasota, FL

Coral Chic Blouse

Hi Nita, the blouse fits fine. Thank you so much for all of your work!!!

Vickie F.

Rochester, NY

Rolled Neck Jacket

Dear Mansa, I had a wonderful experience at your shop! I love the red jacket that I bought. What material is it made of? Thanks again. Customer at 2015 Park Avenue

Customer at 2015 Park Avenue

Holiday Festival, Rochester NY

Dell Oxford Shirt

Nita, the shirts are gorgeous! Thank you for sending them in. I can’t wait to show them off and let people know to shop at MansaWear!

John S.

Rochester, NY

Hi Nita, I received the dress on Friday. It fits fine. Thank you!

Sossena W.

Philadelphia, PA

Accra Wave Maxi Dress

Hi Nita! I did get the long dress, wore it out to dinner for our anniversary. We really like it. I will have to put it on and come over to the shop so you can take a picture for Facebook. I am no good at that, have to get with the times. LOL. I am looking forward to getting the short dress. Can’t wait to wear that one, too. I have some fall events where I can wear the short dress.

Shirley M.

Rochester, NY

Bicycle Smock Skirt

Hello Nita, I got a fantastic bicycle skirt at the Park Ave festival. I love it. You took a picture of me in it and I think I gave you a business card maybe…I did not realize what I had unsubscribed to until afterwards so please put me back on your e-list.

Sarah B.

Rochester, NY

Nannette Drawstring bag

These are so cute. My daughter has one and it is perfect for going out at night. Nita has lots of fun little gifts in her really neat shop on Park Ave. Great last minute gifts.

Marilyn A.

Rochester, NY

Bora Skirt Ensemble

I guess I picked a winning design! When I saw you modeling the one for the D&C article I thought…what a fabulous style!

Debora M-H.

Rochester, NY