The "Mansa"

Mansa means “of three” or “miensa” in Akan or Ashanti Twi, one of the predominant languages in Ghana. It is a birth order name, given to the third consecutive girl born to the same woman.

A Passion for fashion

Owner, Nita Brown, has always had a passion for fashion, growing up surrounded by gorgeous Ghanaian fabrics, which were transformed into exquisite, timeless pieces for her mother.

Mansawear Owner
Nita Brown

Mansawear owner and fashion designer, Nita Brown, was born in Ghana. As the daughter of a diplomat, she left for her first overseas trip at the age of seven, traveling to the Czech Republic. Nita completed her secondary schooling in Ghana, received a B.A. in History from Columbia University and an M.B.A. in International Management from Georgetown University.

The Vision

A MansaWear Outfit In Every Closet in America

We offer one-of-a-kind clothing that provides maximum versatility and flexibility for mixing and matching your Mansawear piece with existing items in your closet to create endless styles for daily & special occasions.

Our Story

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