Melisza Campos: Bawse Lady Madam

Melisza Campos: Bawse Lady Madam

Welcome to Threadlines, our blog, where each month we celebrate and spotlight one of our ardent fans.  And this month's pop-off queen is Bawse Lady Madam Melisza Campos. 

She embodies the spirit of a Bawse Lady Madam, a term that resonates with strength, resilience, and grace in Pidgin English, the vibrant lingua franca of West Africa. Her life is a testament to the power of balancing multiple roles with class. As a fashion-forward mom, wife, business leader, and community advocate, Melisza's ability to maintain style and humility while navigating life as a working mom is inspiring. She is proud to lead her company’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

Her children, Rafa, Karina, and Adrian, are a source of joy and pride, each pursuing their passions in screenwriting, soccer, theater, and ninja warrior, reflecting the diverse interests that Melisza encourages and supports. Her dedication extends beyond her family as she contributes her time and energy to the United Way, Rochester Broadway Theater League, her alma mater (SUNY Geneseo) and Fashion Week of Rochester, aiding the Center For Youth through her modeling efforts. Melisza's previous role as a Commissioner for the Rochester City School District and her experience as a Carnegie Master Trainer at Dale Carnegie highlight her commitment to education and personal development.


She’s always supported by her 'tribe'—her husband, father, mother, and extended family, and attributes any success to them. Mansawear celebrates Melisza, a devoted fan, the quintessential Bawse Lady Madam, who leads by example and inspires a legacy of bawse-ness in all she does.


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