The 9 Fashionable Lives of Debora

The 9 Fashionable Lives of Debora

Welcome to Threadlines, our monthly blog for celebrating and spotlighting our ardent fans.  This month's pop-off queen is my sister-friend Debora McDell-Hernandez and her more than “9 lives.”

Debora’s sunny disposition and “radical optimism” to borrow the title of Dua Lipa’s latest album are the reasons, I posit that she has 20 lives.  The elegant, smart and fashionable Debora has not only cheated death four times, more than lives.  Apart from being incredibly beautiful inside and out, her attitude is to live life to the fullest.  Thus in the face of adversity or prosperity, Debora assesses each situation in a fact-based, logical manner and then proceeds accordingly. 

Before her current position as the Director of Advancement at Rochester Regional Health Foundations, she worked at the Memorial Art Gallery for 17 years, and held various titles, the final being Manager of Engagement.  Under her leadership the various ethnic and demographic celebrations became epic and a must-attend-event. 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Mansawear devotee, customer, friend and stalwart model, Ms. McDell-Hernandez lives the company's values and ethos representing us at Fashion Week of Rochester and the numerous social and philanthropic events she attends on Mansawear’s behalf.  She sits on numerous boards, including Hinge Neighbors, a local community organization focused on getting neighbors on both sides of the Inner Loop North to meet and work together to influence ongoing neighborhood planning.

My admiration for Debora and what sets her apart is her "radical optimism" and commitment to living life to the fullest with minimal friction.  An ardent cook and dedicated daughter, sister and aunt, she entered Chef Carla’s 2023 Cooking Competition and stayed in the competition until the penultimate rounds. Thus, she plates and garnishes each of her scratch-meals as one would find in a fine dining establishment.  She approaches every situation logically and fact-based, allowing her to navigate even the toughest circumstances with elegance and poise. Her stylish presence at events like Fashion Week of Rochester showcases her flair for fashion and her head-turning Mansawear mashups.  

Here's to my sister-friend Debora—an embodiment of resilience, elegance, and radical optimism—and her lust for life!

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