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The Teacher In Heels

Welcome to Threadlines, our monthly blog for celebrating and spotlighting our ardent fans.  This month's pop-off queen is Nita Double, Gloria Hoffer, The Teacher In Heels.  ”

School is out and summer is here, but our teacher in heels is not letting up!  She’s in some kind of heels with most of her outfits.  Never have I seen an individual so coiffed as Gloria. I met Gloria when she came to the boutique to utilize a Mansawear gift certificate she received as a retirement gift.  She transitioned from her Spanish Teaching / Program Coordinator role to an indispensable member of team Mansawear flawlessly.  She not only purchased of most of our non-Ghanaian accessories, but also combed New York City searching for the perfect necklace or earrings that blended with the Mansawear esthetics.  Her ability to switch fluently to Spanish at the boutique was such a valuable addition. Gloria spent a year in Spain during college and kept up her Spanish language skills by teaching and taking high school students on immersive courses to Mexico.

Despite have 2 children who had childhood cancer, one wouldn’t know the hardship and trauma she went through due to her “glass is full” perspective on life. While her daughter Gianna had neuroblastoma at 2, her son Devin had leukemia at 21 years old. Yet she pulled through these circumstances due to her believe in family and the goodness of human beings.

Her believe in humanity is her generosity of spirit!

Her capacity to give is unfathomable: She gives the incalculable gift of time to her students, friends, colleagues and former employer.  Although Gloria left her full-time Mansawear position after the COVID epidemic, she is still part of Team Mansawear.  From coordinating the scheduling for fittings and styling models for the October Fashion Week of Rochester to modeling herself during Mansawear Fun Home Show parties to working at Clothesline Festival to university holiday shows.  And Nita’s Double is now chairing Mansawear’s 10th Anniversary Fundraising Reception.  Add to this kindness is her desire to learn and continuously learn. Gloria is always seeking other perspectives, be it local, national or global politics and public affairs to pop culture.  As an educator, she realizes the importance of learning from your students as well as imparting knowledge to them.

Here's to Nita’s Double, Gloria, the Teacher In Heels and her gorgeously, evenly shaped teeth and engaging smile wins hearts all over. 

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